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Welcome to Pradhan Consultancy’s Service page, where innovation and expertise collaborate to meet your project needs. We offer a wide range of services covering the fields of Civil Engineering, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Renewable Energy and Drone Surveying. Our dedicated team of professionals combines innovative technology with years of experience to deliver results that drive excellence. Whether you’re beginning on urban development, environmental conservation, or infrastructure planning, our services are designed to push your project to new heights. Explore our service and discover how Pradhan Consultancy can be your trusted partner in achieving success. The reasons that make us unique are;

Where can we help?

Project Visualization

Execute interactive maps, 3-D graphic models, and visible aids to assist customers in understanding ongoing project layouts, progress, and timelines effectively.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We are able to help in conducting EIAs using GIS to evaluate the capacity environmental effects of construction and renewable power projects, making sure compliance with policies.

Solar or Wind Mapping

Execute interactive maps or equipment that permit customers to assess solar or wind capacity for his or her locations.

Aerial Imaging and Photography

Displaying your ability by taking high-resolution aerial images and photography for various applications, such as actual estate, construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.

Our Services

Construction Planning

We provide complete solutions from the inception of a project to its completion. We execute your idea using our architectural design, project management, and construction skills.


We provide mapping, research, and data-driven insights using our geospatial expertise. Optimise resource distribution and spatial planning for greater effectiveness and decisions

Renewable Energy Planning

We specialise in renewable energy planning and offer sustainable energy solutions. For a future that is greener and more effective, utilise the power of water power, wind and solar power.


Collecting data from the ground gives you accuracy as well as precision. Our services improve productivity across all industries, including construction & irrigation planning, agriculture services.

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