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Navigating the World with Pradhan Consultancy’s GIS Ability

In today’s data-obsessive world, geographic information systems (GIS) are the backbone that joints location-based data with informed data for decision-making. Pradhan Consultancy’s GIS Services is your trusted partner in unlocking the power of geological data information. With a team of professional GIS experts and innovative technology, we bring a world full of opportunities to your fingertips. Our services enclose everything from geographical analysis and mapping to data visualization and planning of infrastructure. Our GIS service includes;

Our Expertise in
GIS Consulting


Our GIS Remote sensing service refers to the survey of geography from a distance through sensors by satellite or drones.

GPS Data

Our GPS data collection service tends to the assembly of the data collected from the GIS survey.

Location-Based Services (LBS)

We deliver the best GIS location-based services to our customers with top-notch solutions.

GIS Project

Pradhan Consultancy presents a GIS project management service for managing surveys in multiple locations.

Advantages of our
GIS services

There are many advantages to adopting Pradhan Consultancy’s GIS services. We have a team of expert professionals who deliver 100% satisfactory results on GIS surveying. Our consultancy already worked on multiple projects for Govt. & private offices, institutions, and many other organizations. The advantages of our GIS service include;

Where can we help?

Project Visualization

Execute interactive maps, 3-D graphic models, and visible aids to assist customers in understanding ongoing project layouts, progress, and timelines effectively.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We are able to help in conducting EIAs using GIS to evaluate the capacity environmental effects of construction and renewable power projects, making sure compliance with policies.

Solar or Wind Mapping

Execute interactive maps or equipment that permit customers to assess solar or wind capacity for his or her locations.

Aerial Imaging and Photography

Displaying your ability by taking high-resolution aerial images and photography for various applications, such as actual estate, construction, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.
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