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No not at all, The users don’t have to register themselves for getting any of our services. They only need to do a small thing like, contact us to get any of our services. You can leave us a message with your contact details and our support team will join you shortly for your assistance.

Yes, but we also offer our services in multiple locations all over India. Users from any state can get our services. The price chart of our services may vary according to the place as we may get resources at different prices. You need not have to worry about it as we always ask for a marginal price.

Our services are wide enough for our customers, and we generally offer services like; GIS mapping, Construction Solutions, Renewal energy generation, and Drone surveying. These services are open to all places in India. Just give a message and get the best services mentioned above.

You just have to connect with our support team by the contact details provided on our site. Our support team is available for you 24*7 to resolve and regenerate the working process in a very short time period. Just push a text and sit calmly we will provide you with the perfect solutions.

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